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Once you knock off for the day come over and check out our Men's ELWD workwear. Men's ELWD workwear was created to make you perform better on the worksite. Our work shorts, work pants and work socks will give you more comfort through your working day. We use premium fabrics that have been developed with comfort and performance in mind. Activemax fabric delivers the most amount of stretch but still keeping the pant strong so it lasts longer. Our slim fit work pant and our cuffed pant will keep you looking great. If it is shorts you want, our Elastic waist short will give you all the comfort you need with an elastic waist and belt hoops so no need for two belts with these winners.

Styles for everyone in the work game.

Our mens work pants have become a market leader in workwear. The Mens reflective pant and Mens Reflective cuffed pant are fully accredited to the Australian standards to be used on all road work. The Mens work pants were constructed with stretch in them to make them comfortable work pants on the
site. If you need a work pant without reflective tape we can also sort you out. We have the Mens slim work pants that has been tried and tested to high quality. For some of the younger crew the mens cuffed work pant will give you a super skinny slim look. For those that want the extra comfort we have an elastic waist cuffed work pant. This is the ultimate flight pant or jogger with all toughness of the workwear range. To round out the collection we have the MENS LIGHT PANT. This has been made with pure comfort in mind. Fully elastic waistband and a 95% Nylon / 5% Elastane body. Whatever you need in work pants, ELWD is the first stop. All our pants have a phone pocket, double lined internal pockets and ruler pockets.

The ELWD Mens work shorts range is now second to none on the market. The Mens basic short is a stretch twill fixed waist work short. This comes with a work ruler and work pencil pocket. Double pocket lining(as per all ELWD product). The Mens elastic short is for the guy who is looking for comfort and style. We have drawstrings on this work short and also some belt hoops to make sure you can put a nail bag through the waist. Then comes the MENS LIGHT SHORT. This is the short you can wear all summer long, on the site and in the pub or even down the beach. It is made of our trademarked Nylon/Elastane fabric. We even used silicon on the drawcord to stop the slipping. We even offer super short shorts for those that want to show off the legs all summer long. These work shorts are not for the faint hearted. The Mens Short short is going to show legs.

The Mens work top range is growing and becoming well known on the work site. We have the basic mens work tshirt that has been made with the worker in mind. We have put extra length on the work tshirt and also added extra weight so this work tshirt will last through tough times. The mens work hoodies are also longer in length and heavier weight. We want our customers to be getting a premium work product.

Our ELWD work socks are the best. Just trust us and give them a go. The Mens crew sock is a 5 pack of black socks that have terry lining the base so you can be comfortable all day long. The mens ankle sock is there for those that aren’t in the work boots all day long but want a damn good sock. We also have a mens work bamboo sock in a crew and ankle length. Comfort on the worksite from our bamboo work socks is what you will get. It rounds out the offer and creates a premium range.