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With comfort in mind it is worth checking out our Women's workwear collection. Women's ELWD workwear has been designed specifically for the fit of the female trade worker. Our women's work pants, women's work shorts and women's work socks are all designed with comfort as the highest priority. We have a large range of products that have been designed to make sure there is something for every need. The basic utility pant is the go-to for the more relaxed fit but if you are looking for the latest trend our cuffed pant will be
your go to. Using our trademarked technology Activemax, we have created the best amount of stretch without losing any strength in the fabric. Be sure to check out the whole range of women's workwear.

Womens work pants for all.

We have done our best to try and create the best work pants for women. Over the years we have spent time changing and tweaking our collection to make things the best they can be. We never settle. The Womens reflective cuffed pant offer the best comfort and also protection with the safety elements you need to do your job well. The womens work pants all have double lined pocket bags , ruler pockets and phone pockets on the side. The Womens cuffed work pant is a slim work pant that offers full comfort with a slim leg profile. The womens work pant range has stretch in every style for more comfort.

The Womens work short range is growing and becoming dominant. We have the womens work cargo short with two cargo pockets on the side and the fit will come just below the knee. These work shorts have a ruler pocket on the side. The womens basic work short is a short twill short with stretch in the fabric and a slightly shorter fit. These are a great all rounder and can be worn to the pub after a long day on the work site. We have the WOMENS LIGHT SHORT. This is our signature short with our trademark nylon / stretch fabric. The womens light short have an elastic waist and a silicon drawcord to stop slipping drawcords. Our Womens work shorts range are a great work short option.

The womens tops range is starting to get big. We have our womens work hoodies that have been made for the women fit. The womens work hoodie is a little bit longer in length and a touch heavier to make sure
this is good for the whole work day. If you want a great work hoodie. Please look no further.

The Womens work sock range is the best in town. Our work socks come in cotton and bamboo. We have the most comfortable crew and ankle work socks that you could ever want. The terry lining on the footbed makes things just a little bit more comfortable than others. The bamboo gives you that extra thickness you may want from your socks. The womens work socks are comfortable all day long.